Try Chicken For A Healthy Snack

Have you noticed that in the past few years chicken as a snack food has become more popular?  If you think about the shear amount of chicken nuggets that fast food restaurants sell on a daily basis, or that specialty restaurants have popped up everywhere whose menu consists solely of chicken wings then you probably have come to the conclusion that a lot of chicken is being eaten between meals.  Oh and less we forget, chicken fingers that seem to be served everywhere is just about as popular as any midday snack out there.

So what is driving this love affair with chicken?  It is a variety of factors that include great taste and nutrition.

Just about everyone knows that red meat, especially in large amounts, is not good for you.  So because of this a lot of people are substituting chicken for beef of all kinds.  Chicken is naturally full of B vitamins and minerals that we all need.  It contains no carbohydrates and very little fat.

People concerned with health problems such as obesity, heart disease, or diabetes need a healthy meat that will not have any negative effects on their conditions and chicken fits that bill.  There is not a doctor in the world that wouldn’t recommend chicken to their patients.

Chicken is not only a healthy meat it is a very good tasting meat.  There are many ways to cook chicken and most people have their favorites.  Some like to use the BBQ while other enjoy deep frying.  There is boiling, grilling, and stir frying.

To go along with the many ways of cooking chicken are the endless recipes that you can use to prepare the bird.  You can eat chicken every day for months on end without ever having it the same way twice.

In order to fully enjoy your chicken lunch or dinner you will probably want a side dish to accompany your meal.  There are many potato recipes that go well with chicken.  And if you would really like to have a cup of healthy soup with your lunch or dinner then a slow cooker potato soup would be a good choice.

If you would like to have a tasty meal that is also good for you then give chicken a chance.

PeteTry Chicken For A Healthy Snack