Try Sorbothane Insoles To Alleviate Foot Pain

Foot problems are a common problem for people who play sports, run, walk and stand for long hours. Medical conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes, can also start as pain in the feet. Shoe insoles are a non-invasive way of helping people correct possible problems with their feet and the way they walk. They give the sufferer the option of using a non-surgical and non-invasive way to help rectify foot and heel misalignment, as well as foot pain.

Insoles can be bought off the shelf or custom made for more serious issues. Regular insoles are an ‘off the shelf option’ which serve the purpose of making loose shoes fit snugly as well as providing impact absorption and added cushioning. These kinds of insoles are usually made out of a gel-like material that acts as a shock absorbent surface for long periods of time.

Specialty insoles usually last longer than their drugstore counterparts and give you the best selection and quality. Recommended by doctors and sports medicine specialists, Sorbothane insoles absorb up to 94% of impact shock and provide maximum comfort and protection. Ideal for runners and sufferers of shin splints, they will also suit individuals suffering from heel spurs and ulcerations caused by diabetes. Made from visco-elastic polymer, Sorbothane insoles are available online.

Medical and orthotic inserts are another type of shoe insole. They are usually custom made to target a particular foot injury or walking problem and serve the purpose of relieving pressure over certain areas of the foot. These insoles are made specifically for the patient’s condition and are measured and ordered by a podiatrist. You can add extra arch support or higher shock absorption for people who walk and run heavily.

Regardless of your foot shape and size, there is an insole to fit you. Insoles have several benefits since they are easy to use, relatively inexpensive and can be an effective alternative to more complicated foot procedures.

PeteTry Sorbothane Insoles To Alleviate Foot Pain