Types of Acai Scams

The internet is full of both honest businesses and scam artists, which makes telling the difference between the two more challenging. This is why these crooks will often link themselves to some of the more popular products and ideas as a way to con unsuspecting consumers. One of the areas that scam artists have been focusing on are Acai scams, this is when they will pretend to have an honest business opportunity then once someone has paid them they disappear. To avoid running into these kinds of scams requires that you understand how they work and the most common approaches. This will help you to find those honest Acai business people, while avoiding the to good to be true promises of the con artists.

There are two basic types of Acai scams, the distributor scam is when the con artist will pretend to be a distributor of the Acai berry and require large upfront fees for the right to sell their product. Then, once the fee has been paid you never receive the product or hear from the company again. The second scam would involve having someone sign up for a free trial of Acai. A short while later the scam artists begin charging the person’s credit card for different products that they will receive. Yet they never show up and the company immediately goes out of business. To avoid both kinds of situations requires that make sure that all companies are reputable. A good way that you can do this is to check with the Better Business Bureau. If you do decide to purchase any kind of products initially it is a good idea to use a prepaid credit card, this will limit your exposure if you do run across a possible scam artist.

Clearly the internet is full of Acai scams, however by knowing how to recognize the above scams will help you know how to protect yourself. This will allow you to avoid a major problem that is occurring to millions of people, online scams.

PeteTypes of Acai Scams