Types of LED Grow Lights

Have you seen lately the new types of LED Grow Lights? It has now become a booming business for nurseries and home owners. You can have a personal patio garden or a room designed for a greenhouse. Check out some of the details about these lights below.

The definition of LED Grow Light is to help the plants grow by using colors and lighting. Depending on these factors used, your plant could become loving, strong, and healthy. These lights use less energy and heat so your garden does not burn up. If you have a nursery and are selling for a living, try a 600 watt light. This type of light is used for breeding plants, horticulture parks, greenhouses, and vegetable sheds. With lowering the cost of your electric bills, you will have more money in your pocket.

There is a snazzy UFO 90 watt light designed for soil based or hydroponic plants. It is considered very revolutionary as it provides hardly any heat but, plants produce extremely fast with the same healthy results. It can be used in virtually indoor growing situation.

The Supernova can be used up to a five foot by five sections. It is extremely powerful and it has up to seven circuit boards to have the light reflect and bend at different angles for different plants and their stages of growth. The high intensity of the light delivers three times the light compared to regular lights.

Remember colors of the lights are used on each stage of a plants life. Some are red and blue. Red or orange is used for the flowering stage of the plants; blue is used at the beginning. There are a lot more than these to choose from. You just need to decide what plants you are going to grow, where to grow them at, and how much space is actually needed to choose the correct light.

PeteTypes of LED Grow Lights