Understanding Breast Augmentation Differences

Not all breast implants are the same. There are two types of implants to choose from and for most people the silicone implants are preferred because they look and feel more natural than the saline implants. Those who want the best results and do not want to worry about plastic surgery costs or other factors that might influence the decision will often hear surgeons advising the silicone implants. But there are pros and cons to both. It is up to the patient to understand the differences and come to an intelligent conclusion.

Most people considering any plastic surgery first want to know how much it will cost. Generally, breast augmentation prices are determined by the surgeon’s fee which is often a reflection of their popularity within the local cosmetic surgery market. On average, the cost of silicone implants can be as much as a thousand dollars more than for saline implants. The benefit of saline implants is that it is inserted into the breast in a deflated, rolled up form and is inflated inside the breast. This helps to reduce the incision size required to get the implant into the breast.

The problem with the saline implants is that they are more likely to rupture and when that happens the implant deflates making the breast appear deflated as well. A silicone breast implant could leak as well but because of the material it will not deflate and often will go undetected for a long time. There is actually no reason to require repairs for a silicone implant since it is not noticeable and there are no known adverse health effects. The saline implant is also more prone to developing wrinkles and unsmooth surfaces which are often visible or can be felt on the underside of the breasts. The wrinkling and leaking of the liquid is the greatest downside to saline breast implants.

PeteUnderstanding Breast Augmentation Differences