Unique Computer Subwoofer Systems

The Soundsticks computer subwoofers have an attractive visual design and excellent performance. Overall, this subwoofer system is near perfect, except for a few flaws in the design. Essentially they are an update of the Apple-only compatible Soundsticks from 2000. The new Soundsticks computer subwoofers by Harman Kardon have given the 2.1 channel sound system an aesthetically pleasing style for just over 200 dollars. The new speaker system has crossed the PC platform gap so they are now compatible for just about any kind of PC operating system.

The design is one of the most unique things about this computer subwoofer speaker. The outer case is completely transparent and each of the 12” subwoofer speakers rest on adjustable, sturdy bases. Accompanying each speaker is a 20 watt computer subwoofer that features a bubble-like contour and an internal blue power indicator that creates an appearance which almost resembles an exotic jellyfish.

For technical specifications, these subwoofer speakers are not as powerful as some other PC subwoofer units. With a frequency range of 44Hz to 20Hz, they are better than the lower end speakers but cannot be classified as high performance. However, the drums and bass sounds work extremely well and can be played at high volumes. Every once in a while the vocals are a little sibilant, but it is definitely better than audio distortion.

The most impressive thing about this computer subwoofer speaker model is its design, but the performance ranks in a close second place. One of the downsides about this system is that there is no input for a headphone jack and now volume level indicator. But if you can overlook these missing details, you will find the Harman Kardon speakers to be versatile, accurate, and attractive. You should be prepared to pay a bit more money than usual, but the style and audio quality is well worth the price.

PeteUnique Computer Subwoofer Systems