Use A Vanity For A Tidier Looking Bathroom

One room in the house that receives a lot of traffic is the bathroom. All the family use it at least once a day every day. As it is a very functional room that we use to carry out our daily rituals of washing and grooming it can have storage issues. With all that washing and grooming the bathroom can soon pile up with bottles of bubble bath, shampoo, moisturising cream numerous other stuff. This can make things very untidy looking. However, there is a stylish solution to this storage problem and that is the bathroom vanity unit.

The bathroom vanity is nothing new as it has been around for quite a while however, the modern vanity has come a long way since its first predecessor. The vanity consists of a sink unit, counter top, and storage space underneath the counter top. Depending on the design that you go for the storage area can either be drawers, a closed cabinet or open shelves. The much needed storage means that you can store all those toiletries out of sight which creates a tidier and organised bathroom.

The size of the vanity is an important consideration when choosing one. The vanities size should be in proportion to the rest of the bathrooms furniture. If you have limited space then bathroom corner vanities are worth considering. They are designed so that they fit snugly into the corner wall. Their space saving design means that they do not protrude outward as the conventional cabinet vanities do.

Vanities are not only used to provide a functional solution as they are also an effective decorative feature. Many people are realising the design benefits of installing a sink vanity to make the bathroom look and feel more appealing and attractive. There are a great many styles to choose from that include the traditional rustic bathroom vanity or the more contemporary glass vessel vanity.

PeteUse A Vanity For A Tidier Looking Bathroom