Use Coat Trees To Keep Your Home Tidy

Coat trees are a great way to keep your household’s outerwear tidy and accessible. Placed near a door in a spot that is impossible to miss, a coat tree means no more excuses for carelessly tossed coats or misplaced hats. Coat trees are available in a wide variety of styles, from retro and vintage to contemporary. The classic coat tree is a somewhat ornate affair – tall, often in iron or oak, and topped with several curved hooks at the top for long coats.

These days coat racks come in a wide variety of wood options, including light colors resembling blond wood floors. On the darker side, espresso stains look glossy and modern. Of course, oak is still an option as well. Metal versions can look traditional or contemporary. Brushed nickel, stainless steel, and chrome complement modern decors. Often, the more modern coat tree have minimalist hooks near the top, sometimes topped with a metal knob for secure coat hanging.

The more traditional wood coat tree options often have a Victorian feel, with ornate, dark wrought iron construction. In addition to curved lines at the base and on the hooks, these old-school coat trees sometimes sport extra storage in the form of umbrella holders. This semi-enclosed area at the base allows wet umbrellas to dry off till the next rainy day.

Miniature versions of coat trees and coat racks are available for children’s rooms. These scaled-down versions are not only smaller, but are available in kid-friendly designs and materials. Often made of plastic for childproof durability, children’s coat trees usually sport bright or pastel colors. Kids’ coat trees offer a great way to get children into the habit of neatly stashing their belongings the second they enter the room. They keep clothes off the floor, making it easier for kids to maintain neat rooms. Children’s coat trees keep both parents and little ones happy.

Coat rack trees are great home organization tools for the whole family. They provide a place for outerwear, and prevent messes from wet coats, hats, and umbrellas. They offer a way to teach kids to put everything in its place, and even add to the beauty of your home’s decor.

PeteUse Coat Trees To Keep Your Home Tidy