Use of an Air Mattress Pad

Air mattresses and air mattress pads are often times made out of vinyl, plastic, and cloth as well as from other synthetic products. These mattresses are used most of the time for both tent and backyard camping, and although they are not the most comfortable option, a good Kingsdown mattress will always perform better, it is an improvement on sleeping in a sleeping bag on top of rocks and branches.

More recently, the companies like Englander mattresses that make them have introduced more sophisticated models of air beds for the home and in hospital market. This was done by permanently installing them in everyday bed frames – these mattresses usually need to be inflated by using some kind of pump which is normally supplied with the mattress.

Today, the majority of the contemporary air mattresses and pads typically pump up automatically by opening specially created valves – the air inside the chambers shift with the movements made by the sleeper. Air mattress pads were first introduced into hospital environments when they discovered that the adjustable air cushions decreased pain and in return, relieved inflammation of patients.

The air pad works by conforming to the shape of the sleeper’s body and supports the body’s weight gently. This provides a person with a feeling of support that reacts to the movements the patient makes all throughout the night.

The good thing about the domestic version of the air pad is that it’s simple to care for and maintain. In addition, it can fit on various bed frames that are especially made to fit an air mattress. If you are worried that this type of mattress might not support two people adequately, you will be happy to know that many home models have some firmer foam built into them as well as channels of air – this give more defined borders and allows two people to sleep comfortably.

PeteUse of an Air Mattress Pad