Use Votive Candles To Illuminate Pumpkins

Most kids like making projects or at least helping with projects and in the fall it is a good time for decorating pumpkins as fall decorations and then at Halloween creating jack-o-lanterns to spice up the holiday. Kids and sharp knives is not a good idea so adult help is needed when carving pumpkins and then more help is needed in figuring out how to light the pumpkin up after it is carved. Usually a piece of candle is stuck into the bottom of the hollowed out pumpkin and then lit through the mouth of the jack-o-lantern. They don’t last long doing it this way and if the candles falls over it may start the pumpkin on fire, not something you want on the front porch of your house.

A better way would be to use a votive candle and place it in a holder and place the entire thing in the bottom of the pumpkin. This will secure the candle in place and alleviate worries about burning up the pumpkin and if you use a natural wax votive candle they have a lower melting point and won’t create as much heat as a cheaper candle will. They will also last up to 15 hours in burn time and this might even stretch out over several evenings and not just last for one like the old piece of candle will.

The votive candle could also be a scented candle and add a spice smell as it burns and combined with the pumpkin may smell something like a pumpkin pie to add to the effect. Different scents could be tried until you found one you liked and stayed with. Kids and pumpkins have worked together for a number of years and each year as the kids grow they get more creative in carving them. Help get them started by adding a safe way to illuminate the scary jack-o-lantern face and let them go from there.

PeteUse Votive Candles To Illuminate Pumpkins