Useful Equipment For Bouldering

Bouldering is a form of rock-climbing where a climber can develop endurance, power and skills in physical motion. Climbing boulders do not pose the same level of risks compared to other forms of rock climbing. However, to ensure a safe climb, one must still pay attention to the equipment he is bringing, especially the climbing shoes.

There are specific types of shoes that are fit for this kind of activity. You cannot just buy a rubber shoes and expect it to grip firmly into the rock. The shoes you look for should have sharp edges, specifically the ones that could be flexed toward your sole. That will keep you from falling, especially when you are dealing with small footholds. Your shoes doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but make sure that it has enough rubber from heel to toe because without good shoes, it is hard to climb a boulder.

One reason why people are very interested in bouldering is because it requires the minimum amount of equipment. A backpack full of equipments is enough. No long ropes, hand gloves, harness, nylon cords and carabineers. You won’t need too much equipment, but you should always bring your courage, will and patience with you. These values are important to succeed in your climb.

You just need the shoes, which is by the way very important since this provides friction and therefore one of the few equipments that keep you attached in the rock. You should also bring the loose chalk. The chalk keeps your hands dry and avoids slipping. You should also bring a crash pad, which is like a mattress situated beneath you just in case you fall. Several brushes, preferably in varying sizes. This is used to make sure that the holds are spotless and allow maximum stretching.

Just like any activity, there is appropriate clothing when you go rock climbing. Make sure that you are wearing stretchy garments, one that would particularly hug your skin. This allow for greater movement and flexibility. Another great tip when bouldering is to make sure that you have sports tape with you. You will need that when you get blisters, minor cuts and especially when you have overworked and exhausted your joints.

PeteUseful Equipment For Bouldering