Uses and Benefits of Nylon

Nylon is a synthetic material that was intended to replace silk after it became scarce in the Second World War. It was used in parachutes and flak vests. Nowadays, nylon is widely used in many applications from musical strings, ropes and carpets to bridal veils and clothing. Nylon is one of the strongest of all fibers and it is used in the manufacture of garments such as nylon pants because it takes a great deal of wear and tear without wearing out.

Nylon pants are usually used as active wear. The most popular of this type of clothing is nylon jogging pants, snow apparel, and windbreakers. Nylon is also commonly used for other apparel such as swimwear, foundation garments, hosiery, blouses, dresses, sports wear, and raincoats.

Aside from clothing, nylon is also widely used in the manufacture of luggage, back packs, life vests, umbrellas, sleeping bags, and tents. Its characteristics are very suitable for these products because nylon is lightweight. It is exceptionally strong and can withstand prolonged use and wear. It is resistant to abrasion and it can withstand a high amount of friction.

Nylon pants are also used in certain industries–such as construction–because they are easy to wash and the material dries fast. It has low absorbency to moisture and it has high resistance to shrinkage and wrinkling. It also has high resistance to damage from oil and many chemicals. For this reason, jumpsuits and uniforms in production plants and factories are usually made of nylon.

Other characteristics of Nylon

•    It has the ability to be very lustrous, semi lustrous or dull
•    High elongation
•    Heat set so it is highly resilient
•    Easy to care in garments
•    High resistance to insects, fungi, animals, as well as molds, mildew, rot and many chemicals
•    Melts instead of burning
•    Used in many military applications
•    Transparent under infrared light

This material was developed for these specific purposes and for any of your needs you simply cannot go wrong with nylon.  For more information head over to Nylon Pants Guide, a small site dedicated to information and reviews of nylon pants.

PeteUses and Benefits of Nylon