Using Double Curtain Rods

If you have ever tried to hang two sets of curtains at one window you will be pleased that someone came up with the bright idea of creating double curtain rods. Instead of having two sets of curtain rod brackets one above the other, you now only have to drill one set of holes in the wall for the brackets which accommodate two rods. It has never been so easy to create layered window treatments.

There is a lot you can do to combine different possibilities, if you let your imagination run away with you. The main use that most of us make of a double curtain rod is by hanging sheer or voile curtains as an inner curtain next to the window and a set of heavier drapes along with them. That is the easiest way to create a layered look and it allows you to keep the voile drawn across the window for more privacy during the day while opening the thicker curtains, although you could draw both back if you want more light into the room sometimes.

If you decide to buy a double curtain rod, you will find that they come in just as many materials and styles as single rods and you can often choose different finishes for your rod and also different finials to ensure you have the right design for your room. You can buy them in wood, plastic or metal. The wooden and metal versions are very decorative whereas the plastic ones look a little utilitarian and are best if you are using a double curtain arrangement with a valance.

The good thing is that you don’t have to break the bank to buy a double curtain rod and they are certainly cheaper than buying two single rods and sets of brackets.

By choosing a double curtain rod and paying a little more money than for a single rod, you will see that you can make your curtains look a million dollars and that it is well worth the extra expense. Of course, you will have to buy your additional curtain layer too but as this will add to the comfort and style of your home, it is worth splashing out.

PeteUsing Double Curtain Rods