Using Key Cabinets to Keep Your Company Safe

Often times businesses with a lot of employees have many areas of the company that are kept private and locked behind closed doors.  The key to the security of your business really is who has the keys and who doesn’t.  Controlling access to the keys is important in order to maintain safety.  If you hand out a key to a lot of people, then what is to stop them from making copies of the keys?  The best way to go about it is to have a central location where all of the keys are kept and have one or two people who control access to the keys.  The keys would be kept in key cabinets that will protect your keys from being accessed except from authorized personnel.

The best way to run a key cabinet in your business is to have a log of what all of the keys in the cabinet are.  That way it is not only easy to find for the person controlling the key cabinet, but it is easy to see at a glance which keys are out and why.  Giving one or two people, probably someone trustworthy who works in close proximity to the cabinet would be best.  It is also good to keep a running log each and every day of what keys are checked out, who checks out the keys, what time they check out the keys and what time they return the keys.  That way you always know where the keys should be.  There are various types of key cabinets, but they all boil down to either being controlled by a key themselves, or you can get an electronic key cabinet.  It is important to change the electronic password often in order to help to stop people from giving out the code to others.

Keeping your business safe and secure by controlling who has access to keys by utilizing a key cabinet is an important step for any business.

PeteUsing Key Cabinets to Keep Your Company Safe