Using Sea Salt

Salt is a well-known substance but still mysterious in many ways.  It is collected from our ocean salt waters by allowing the water to evaporate and leave the salt behind.  Even salts that are mined on land were also deposited into the earth through a salt-water body of some sort in the distant past.   Salt is so well know in fact that it is often over looked for all of its beneficial uses.  It is very inexpensive and so commonly used we don’t think about it too often or everything that it is able to do for us cause it’s just salt.

An important distinction to understand is what is sea salt compared to iodized table salt.  The two are incredibly different though from the same world.  Salt that is crystal white and perfect in every way has been processed to remove all sorts of beneficial nutrients that it was initially paired with.  It has been iodized and there is little benefit to this type of salt.  If anything it poses a danger to our bodies as it is unbalanced and yet heavily used.  Like sugar that is not within a natural occurring food like a banana or apple it becomes a risk to us when readily consumed.  Just as you would not want to eat straight white sugar nor should you consider ingesting straight white salt.  Consider instead sea salt that has all it’s associated minerals with it.  This is real sea salt and where you will find health benefits abounding.

Using sea salt is easy as there are so many uses for it.  You will find that the body can use it in many ways and perhaps that is why we can find it all across the world.  Yes it is ideal for food to start digestion and flavor food, but it is also therapeutic.  In baths and color cleansing you will see it use.  Sea salt scrubs are also great for the skin.  Brushing the teeth with sea salt and rinsing the mouth with salt-water work really well for the body.  Other uses are around too just keep your eyes open for what you may next need sea salt for.

PeteUsing Sea Salt