Vapamore Steam Cleaner

Many years ago when life was simpler, before the advent of TV and adverts, people used simple cleaning products, things as simple as vinegar and paper to clean glass. It seems to me that people are now dictated to by the box in the corner, it tells us that we should have this product to clean this and that product to clean something else. If you go and look in the cupboard of the average house and you will find it full of detergents and chemicals for cleaning all sorts of things. At the same time you will hear people say they are allergic to this and allergic to that, personally i think there is a connection between the two. Maybe I am wrong but i think a bit of dirt is good for you. With a Vapamore steam cleaner you can make a start on reducing your independence on some of these products. The Vapamore steam cleaner uses a small amount of water to produce steam, and this steam only contains 5% water vapour so you can clean fabrics without them getting soaking wet. Ideal for dealing with those accidental spills on the carpet or sofa. The steamer is also useful for cleaning in the bathroom, getting into those awkward places around the toilet and shower, very good for cleaning the grout between your tiles and so on.

Another way to stop using so many detergents is to start using green cleaning products, there are plenty of these on the market. As i said earlier if you try to do to much in one go you will more than likely not stick with it but maybe if as you run out of a product that you use regularly you could replace it with a green cleaner and see how you get on with it you may be pleasantly surprised.

PeteVapamore Steam Cleaner