Walkin Shower Designs

The days of the daily bath are heading the same way as the dinosaur, with people getting busier all the time and their days more packed. The shower has quickly take over from the bath as our preferred way to get clean in a short time. A lot of people are still using their bath tubs to shower in, this isn’t the best place to take your shower, because they were designed for sitting in, not standing. Everything that you use, like soap and shampoo will be located in an inconveniently low place. Bath tubs also don’t have that much room to move around in. It is because of this that many more people are taking out those old bath tubs and installing a walk-in shower. Over the years walk-in showers have changed quite a bit and now come with a number of amenities and have totally changed the showering experience, making it more convenient.

You can get walkin showers in a wide range of sizes and with a big selection of features. Even if you just want a basic showers you can still end up with a nice frosted screen and loads of room for you to move and around and bend over to pick things up. The high end showers can come with seats, massaging shower heads and even a hot air blower to dry you off if you want. You could even have a television and speakers in your showers which are sealed from the water so you can watch your favorite programs as you wash.

When buying a walk in shower a basic model can cost around $500 before installation, for a high end model you could be looking at around $2000. Before you buy your shower you need to consider, not only the features you want, but also the size of the area you have to work with and the cost of having it installed. If you are going to splash out on an expensive model then it would be well worth hiring a professional plumber to install it.

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