Water Filtration Scams

Consumer agencies are reporting an increase of water filter scams occurring through numerous venues and are reminding consumers to be extra alert when dealing with sales people.  Here are just some of the latest scams that have been reported:

 One scam that is on the upswing  is that callers were conducting surveys and then trying to sell water filter systems turning the responses of the survey to convince the caller that they need to purchase a water filter.  They are warning their contacts that their water may not be safe and they should definitely purchase a water filter through them and then asking the customer for their bank or credit card details to secure the water filter.

A second warning  is being  issued  saying customers are being offered a free TV when they purchase a new water tank or water filters and then after providing the required bank information never receive either the water tank nor the TV.

A very common scam is happening when a company offers customers a free water test and then while in the home they try to sell the customers a very expensive and often unneeded water filtration system.  They use chemicals to fraudulently demonstrate toxins in the home water system and then use scare tactics to entice the homeowner to purchase a water filtration system.

The easiest way to protect yourself from the any of the above is first and foremost to not ever give out bank information over the phone.  Also before agreeing to any purchase check out the company through your local Better Business Bureau and licensing agency.  If you have any concerns about your water system check with your local municipality and get a list of what is in your water or you can even have your water tested by a reputable agency to get an accurate reading.

If you do decide you need a water filter there are a number of very good brands available and you should compare and contrast features in order to get the one that best suits your needs.

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