Waxing Kits Made Easy

If you want to remove hair at home by waxing then you need to buy one of the many waxing kits available on the market. Each kit will include instructions, wax and fabric strips for removing the wax as well as a spatula for applying the wax. Some kits also contain a wax warmer. Here are some tips for getting the best results from your wax kit

1. Have a Professional treatment

To understand how waxing is done properly have a professional waxing treatment. You will learn so much from this it will be well worth the cost. Make sure that whenever you decide to try waxing on a new part of your body you get a professional waxing for the same area first.

2. Choose a Professional Kit

Make sure the kit contains all you need. Although microwave wax is popular a wax warmer ensures that the wax is heated to the right temperature and you don’t burn your skin. In any case be sure to test before you smear on a big lot of wax.

3. Prepare the Area

To ensure that you don’t end up with a sticky mess on the carpet, put down some old towels or sheets before getting started.

4. Follow the Instructions

The instructions are there for a reason. Read them and follow them. In particular, apply wax in the direction you hair grows and pull it off in the opposite direction. If you do this one thing you will get better results than if you just slap the wax on and pull it off any old way.

5. Practice first

If you are a novice waxer then practice on less sensitive parts of your body first such as your legs. Once you have mastered that you can progress to other areas.

6. Finishing

After you finish waxing remove any stray hairs with tweezers and any sticky wax left behind with wax remover.

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