Wealthy Affiliate Scam Worries

I heard someone talking about the Wealthy Affiliate scam the other day, and I thought that I should throw in my 2 cents about the program.

Will Wealthy Affiliate Scam You?

I certainly don’t think its a scam, but I do understand why someone might refer to it that way.  I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over two years, and I see why people succeed and why they fail.  I have never heard anyone who made money from the program refer to it as a scam, but I have heard people who have failed with it make that reference, and I think I know why it was that they failed.

One of the biggest reasons that people fail to make money with any program online is that they don’t really follow through with it.  It is not easy to make money on the internet and it takes a lot of work.  I don’t know of any program out there that tells you that you can make money by building one site, or putting one affiliate review out there.  Could be that there is, but I haven’t come across it, and if I did I would tell you that that truly is a scam.

Making money online is a numbers game, especially when you are a beginner.  You have to throw a lot of different projects out there and see which ones are the ones that are succeeding.  As time goes on and your experience broadens you will start to have a better idea about which ones will succeed, but even then you won’t know for sure.

Too many people sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and just make one review, or maybe two, and they say that the program doesn’t work.  Try making 30, and then see what happens.  If you really do the work that its involved, you are a lot more likely to make money.

PeteWealthy Affiliate Scam Worries