Weddings – Unusual Mother of the Bride Outfits

If you’re looking for different and unusual mother of the bride outfits, then you’ve come to the right place. How many mothers of brides out there, would want to wear something totally unique and not in any mother of the bride outfits guide? I think there are many people that would actually enjoy wearing something completely different and to break away from the usual formal way of doing things.

How many times over the years have you looked at various friends’ wedding albums and noticed everyone is dressed in the same standard suits and uninteresting clothes? In almost every country it is the same. Men wear a suit or tux and women a colorful array of different garments. In fact women are able to break from tradition easier than men.

Check out any mother of the bride outfits guide and you’ll see the clothing that is expected to be worn. Nowadays even the church wedding is being replaced by garden weddings, beach weddings and so forth. So, with these changes in the wedding venue, isn’t it time to make changes in the attire? For mothers who want to escape from wearing the wool suit with the small hat, how about donning a long gown that has been made in China and can be delivered directly to your door? The Ghetto Exotic Jessica collection of gowns, that retail for the unbelievable price of $234.00, would certainly be an unusual outfit and would definitely create a lot of gossip.

Clothing that has a theme is another option and one that is becoming popular in many countries today. The medieval look, for example – dressing as Elizabeth the 1st would be a treat and you’re guaranteed not to be forgotten. Browse the Katrina Marie website and you’ll see an array of different wedding attire that is “off the wall.” You’ll never find this stuff in a mother of the bride outfits guide no matter how long you search.

Mothers are starting to wear unusual dresses even in Japan. Japan is a country of tradition and the mother of the bride is forced by society to wear a black kimono to the wedding, . However, recently there has been a tendency for some of these younger mothers to break from this rigid tradition and start wearing something that is more, not only comfortable, but in tune with the changing times.

There was one mother of the bride recently who wore a chiffon dress to a wedding and was chastised by her relatives for not conforming to tradition. It was the bride herself that stood up for her mother, telling the anachronistic guests gathered around that it was her request that her mother dress in a manner that she was comfortable with.

If you’re shy, but you really want to wear something unique and unusual to your daughter’s wedding, then it’s time to come out of the closet. More and more people today are wearing unusual mother of the bride outfits.

PeteWeddings – Unusual Mother of the Bride Outfits