What Are the Benefits of Weightlifting for Athletes

What is weightlifting? It is also known as olympic weightlifting which as the name suggests is a traditional olympic sport. It consists of two lifts the clean and jerk and the snatch. In both lifts the aim is to lift a barbell from the floor to on top of your head with locked arms. In clean and jerk the barbell is cleaned from the floor up to your deltoids and chest where it rest before the overhead jerk. In snatch the barbell is lifted from the floor to over your head in one continous movement.

Weightlifting is not only for weightlifters. The lifts are performed by many athletes especially track and field athletes as it not only improves the athlete’s strength but also explosive strength, jump, speed and balance. So beneficial to sprint runners, hurdles runners, long jumpers, triple jumpers, high jumpers, pole vaulters, discus throwers, javelin throwers, hammer throwers and shot putters. So basicly everyone but middle and long distance runners.

What kind of equipment do you need to perform weightlifting? Weightlifting requires a platform that dampens the noise impact of dropping weights, a weightlifting bar which can handle the dropping of weights and it has fast rolling bearings and you also need bumper weightplates that have speciale dampening materials. They can stand the constant dropping where as standart plates would shatter.

So where to perform weightlifting? Finding a gym where weightlifting can be trained is very difficult now days. Most gyms don’t have a weightlifting platform or equipment. They only have machines and pulleys and very little free weights. And even if you find a gym that has a platform and free weights the gyms frown upon people using chalk and dropping weights from heights. One great place to do olympic weightlifting is Kuntosali Kerava. It has not only one but two platforms, multiple bars and lots of bumper plates.

PeteWhat Are the Benefits of Weightlifting for Athletes