What Consumers Are Saying About The Canon Pixma ip100

I often stress the importance of customer feedback and ratings, but aside from posting numbers, I never really offer what customers have been saying about a specific printer. Customer feedback is imperative. Have you ever heard of the phrase: ‘There’s nothing like word of mouth advertising?’ Perhaps so, perhaps not, but it doesn’t matter. The point is that if a consumer is happy with a product, they’re going to tell others about it. If that person is satisfied, then the chain reaction continues. This is much more powerful than display ad, or even a commercial. One printer word of mouth advertising has been extraordinary for is the Canon Pixma ip100.

While I will be going over what some customers have said about this product, I still can’t help myself from posting the impressive customer satisfaction ratings. 92% of customers have been more than satisfied with this product. That number isn’t only impressive, it’s borderline absurd. A printer company needs to design a near-perfect model in order to receive such a high rating. The ip100 might not be perfect, but it’s pretty darn close.

Let’s go over what some customers have had to say about the Canon Pixma ip100. One thing that has been repeated many times is that while it might make a great portable printer, there are a lot of people who have chosen to use it as an at-home printer. The majority of these people have stated that whatever desktop printer they were using quickly became a backup once the ip100 arrived. Another big benefit for home users is easy storage. Some customers have stated shoving it under a computer desk or coffee table while not in use. This is something that a desktop can’t do, and will also save a ton of space and clutter.

The adjective most often used when describing Canon’s customer service has been ‘excellent.’ No offense to Hewlett Packard, which makes great printers, but they would never receive such accolades. In addition to great customer service, customers have repeatedly mentioned easy installation, simplicity, reliability, affordability, and quality.

If you trust people and you’re looking for a portable printer – or a home office printer – then you should strongly consider the Canon Pixma ip100.

PeteWhat Consumers Are Saying About The Canon Pixma ip100