What Futon Mattress Do You Need?

A Futon Mattress provides a low cost low profile option for anyone considering purchasing a new bed. Functioning as both a sofa and a bed, the futon has provided a versatile option for urban dwellers for years.

Determining what futon mattress you need is a big question. Start by analyzing your space to determine what size futon frame you will want to purchase. Once you have measuered your area and picked a frame size that works for you in both the upright and bed position you are ready to pick a mattress.

What Futon Mattress Do You Need?

Ask yourself what truly matters to you in regards to your futon bed. Futon beds are made of different materials and will have even have hypoallergenic options. Much like shopping for a traditional bed the material of the futon and futon cover will be the most important thing.

Test drive multiple futon mattresses and try them with different mattress covers. Once you find the futon mattress with the right level of firmness for your comfort level, back, and spine you are ready to select multiple cover options.

It is a good idea to purchase multiple futon mattress covers for your bed to make maintenance easy. It also frees you up to change your style by quickly adjusting what cover you have on your futon mattress. Many futon sofa bed owners buy standardized futon sizes so they can also adjust the look and feel of their futon by substituting bed sheets as opposed to constantly switching the mattress covers.

Purchasing and maintaining a futon chair bed is a great way to make the most of tight spaces. Urban living has squeezed many of us into extremely cramp spaces with limited square footage. Futons work perfectly to create a full living space with easy access to highly customizable style. Modern living is perfect for the futon bed.

PeteWhat Futon Mattress Do You Need?