What Is A Single Bed Duvet Cover

First, here’s the easy answer.  A single bed duvet cover is a duvet cover that can be used for a duvet that covers a single bed.  A single bed, by definition, is also known as a twin bed.  It’s known as a single bed because only one person can sleep comfortably in it.  It’s also known as a twin bed because single beds are often paired together, like twins, in a children’s bedroom.  They can exist either as bunk beds or side by side.

If you’re out shopping for a single bed duvet cover, chances are that you’re going to have to look a little harder for one than for a duvet cover that fits on a full size, queen size, or king size bed.  If you look online for a single duvet cover, you’ll very likely be directed to children’s beds which are all twin or single size.  Before hitting a lot of different stores and coming up empty, the first thing you may want to do is start searching for a single bed duvet cover online.  Start by going to Kaboodle.com.  By entering single bed duvet cover in their search engine, you will come up with several sources where you can find a single duvet cover.  Unlike the larger sizes which have numerous styles and deisigns used, single bed duvet covers are fewer and comes in pretty unusual colors and designs.  Many of the pictures you’ll see are single bed duvet covers covering children’s beds.  Some colors and designs are a little more tasteful than others.  What should be noted, however, is that twin beds sold today are usually marketed for children to sleep in.  A single adult is better off sleeping in a full sized bed which is the next size up from single.

If you’re buying a single bed duvet cover for a child’s twin bed, then you will find a decent selection at Kaboodle.com.

Besides Kaboodle.com, check other sites such as Amazon.com or Overstock.com which may have what you’re looking for.  Overstock.com, for example, does stock a couple of different single bed duvet cover designs that are more “adult” in their look.  Something like this works well if you have a single bed in a guest bedroom.  Although Kaboodle is a good launching pad to start online shopping, sometimes they will not reveal what you can find in these very same stores.  You should take the time to go to each of the individual sites they suggest until you find what you’re looking for.

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