What is Laser Liposuction?

When it comes to the world of liposuction, one of the more popular techniques is laser liposuction.  As this procedure is fairly new, we have decided to use this article to explain this medical procedure in further detail.  To learn more, keep on reading.

Laser liposuction is very similar to the ultrasonic liposuction technique, with one main difference.  This difference resides in the way the surgeon liquefies the fatty deposits.  With ultrasonic liposuction the surgeon uses high pitched sound waves to turn the fat into a liquid form.  On the other hand, during laser liposuction, a cosmetic surgeon will use a laser to liquefy the fat.

Once the fatty deposits have turned into liquid form, the surgeon then makes a small incision in the patient and sticks a reed like device, called a cannula, into the incision to remove the actual fat deposits.

As you can see, laser liposuction tends to be minimally invasive.  This translates to a much lower rate of blood loss and tissue damage.  As a result, laser liposuction patients will tend to heal much faster than patients who undergo the other forms of liposuction.  Not only do they heal faster, they usually experience far less discomfort while they are going through the healing process.

Along the lines of healing, laser liposuction tends to produce the least amount of scarring, which can be attributed to the smaller instruments.

Of course, this quicker recovery time and less scarring will cost you extra money.  Of all of the liposuction methods, laser liposuction will usually cost the most.

As you can see, laser liposuction is a truly appealing cosmetic surgery procedure.  Due to all of the advantages, this procedure will often be recommended by cosmetic surgeon.

If you would like more information on this procedure or any of the other liposuction procedures, feel free to stop by the Dallas Liposuction Guide.

PeteWhat is Laser Liposuction?