What is the Best Cheap Treadmill?

There are many excellent reasons for wanting to buy a decent electric treadmill. You may want to shed those holiday calories if you have gotten some warnings about your weight or lack of exercise from your doctor. Whatever your reason, unless you have a lot of money to throw around, you will want to find the best cheap treadmill. The thing is, in today´s world, with rapid advances in physical fitness technology, finding the best cheap treadmill does not mean you have to settle for a poor quality treadmill. It is a fairly simple process to not only find a treadmill that is within your budget but one that will last just as long as a more expensive one and still give you the workout that you need.

One of the largest things that separate the low end from the high end treadmills is either brand name or the number of features. When you look at treadmills you will see that most of them have 15 or more workout programs available. No matter what your workout is, whether it is strength training, cardiovascular workout or weight loss, you will only actually need a few, 3-4 or the possible programs. Buying a treadmill solely because it has more programs available is simply a waste of money. Before you shop, decide what you want from the machine and select one that has the programs that address those issues and don’t worry about the other programs available.

One good example of the best cheap treadmill is the Stamina InMotion II Manuel Treadmill. This model is listed at around $250 but it is easy to find one for as much as $100 less if you shop around, especially online at places like eBay or Craigslist. The Stamina has a very large 42” running deck and the LED display is battery powered and gives you the distance you have traveled, the time used and the calories shed.

Another great example is the Phoenix 98516 Easy-Up Manuel Treadmill. This model retails for about $120 and has top reviews, mainly for its large size and comfortable running deck. Finding the best cheap treadmill is not an impossible task. Remember that manuals will be less expensive than electrics and you only need the programs that fit the routine you will be using.

PeteWhat is the Best Cheap Treadmill?