What Is The MOLLE Backpack System

The Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment system, or MOLLE (pronounced “MOLLY”) is a lightweight system to replace the old military backpack system known as the ALICE pack. This system is much lighter and versatile than the old ALICE pack, and was easily issued to the troops during the deployment and subsequent actions in Iraq.

These were developed in response to the poor design and limited versatility of the ALICE pack. The MOLLE system is able to be customized to the individual soldiers needs. This versatility comes from the use of a heavy duty web design that individual custom pouches and accessories can be attached to. This attachment type has become the industry standard, replacing all the old systems, except in the earlier modular units still used by law enforcement. The MOLLE system has even incorporated body armor into the configurations, vastly improving the survivability of our soldiers.

During the development of the basic system there were plenty of features, and accessories being added. The main ruck sack is a whopping 3000 cubic inches, the assault pack is 500 cubic inches. There is a separate sleeping bag carrier, and three double clip pouches for 30 round magazines. A quick release mechanism insures that removal can happen in an instant, and the vest style design keeps the carried load properly arranged and comfortable to carry. A hydration bladder is included, eliminating the need for a canteen, and evenly distributing the weight of the water. This bladder has a hose attached to make on the go use easy.

In the field the MOLLE has held it’s own. In the beginning there were a few isolated incidents of the zippers failing and sometimes the stitching would come undone, but field duty is never easy on equipment. In the end the manufacturers have improved and surpassed expectations. In this way, the MOLLE system has managed to improve the mobility, comfort, and survivability of the troops we send overseas.

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