What to Expect from Luxury UK Self Catering Holidays

With airline strikes and volcanoes it isn’t surprising that many people are now considering luxury UK self catering holidays. Whether for a short break or the annual family holiday there is certainly a lot to be gained.

Firstly, there is the actually act of reaching your destination. You simply have to pack up the car with anything you wish to take, leave as and when you are ready, and take as long as you like to get there. This alone should appeal to anyone who is tired of the endless problems with the airports, especially if they are travelling with children.

Secondly, there’s the log cabins themselves. These are set in fantastic surroundings with plenty of trees and wildlife, often with lakes and rivers nearby. This has to be the perfect place to arrive after your journey and to unwind in the tranquil setting. As the cabins are detached there is lots of space to relax without being concerned about any neighbours.

Thirdly, is the cabin itself. These are fully furnished, to a high standard, which reflect and compliment the beautiful surroundings outside. They all have fantastic entertainment systems which will ensure you can create whatever mood you like during your stay. As they have built in bbq’s many people opt to remain near their cabins during the evening, sitting on the decking and listening to some great music whilst they eat. But if you needed any further distractions they all have hot tubs in order to really pamper yourself.

This type of holiday really can be the relaxing and wholesome experience that most people want. You can make it as busy, or as quiet as you like, without being tied to hotel times and etiquette. It doesn’t even matter what time of year you go, as all cabins are fitted with under floor heating, for that little bit of extra comfort.

The Log Cabin Holidays Directory is the ideal place to start looking for log cabin holidays in the UK, it has a comprhensive list of log cabins in every area of the UK.

PeteWhat to Expect from Luxury UK Self Catering Holidays