Whats The Reason To Wear Rubber Band Bracelets

Wearing rubber band bracelets is all about choice. Choice of wearing one of the hottest fashion wearables or just a choice of colors. Whatever, they are being worn by anyone and everyone.

A simple yellow wristband worn during the Tour de France, is probably the beginning of the current craze in wearing them. Lance Armstrong, who had beaten multiple cancers, wore his wrist band during the Tour de France.

His world could have been over at age twenty five. Diagnosed with testicular cancer, it soon spread to his lungs, brain and stomach. Lance Armstrong went on to win an unprecedented seven Tour de France after he beat cancer. The simple yellow wristband that he word has since been distributed over forty million times by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This simple distribution has done more than anything to build and continue the hot trend of wearing the rubber band bracelet.s

Cancer research and patient care benefit from the estimated sale of two hundred thousand simple yellow bracelets each day. At a cost of one dollar each, it is not a big blow to the wallet of any one person.

What color do you want to wear? You can pretty well have your choice! Green, black, neon green, glow in the dark. The list is incredibly endless. You can even get different shapes. The BBC has come out in the not too distant past with a blue wristband titled ‘Beat Bullying’. This band has become extremely popular with English soccer players. A wristband with the words ‘Support our Troops’ has become popular here in America.

As a passing note, these rubber band bracelets were actually made out of rubber bands in the early 1990s. Now they are usually made out of silicone although you can find these cause bracelets in leather and paper. Regardless of the material though, they are no match for an elegant cushion cut engagement ring.

PeteWhats The Reason To Wear Rubber Band Bracelets