When To Choose Chrome Stools For Your Kitchen Bar

One a big mistake people make when adding furniture to their kitchens, hoping to give them a modern look, is choosing ultra modern chrome stools when their kitchens are classic wood or even older styles that may have been painted. Why is it a mistake to select chrome swivel bar stool designs? Because adding something shiny and contemporary will only accentuate the dated (or outdated) look of other elements in the kitchen, like the cupboards, the countertop, the old sink or basin, the flooring and the appliances / furniture that are not as modern. So what’s the solution? Here are two ideal:

Retro Ice Cream Parlor, Bistro or Sidewalk Café

1. if you want to change the look to a more modern one, choose retro chrome stools that have vinyl seats that may go with the older model items in the rest of the kitchen. Don’t choose sleek swivel stools or the angular designs that are geometric that will just stick out. Some good retro stool choices are those that used to be used in ice cream parlors, or the ones that have a French bistro or sidewalk café feel.

Mix Wood and Chrome; Textured Fabrics and Paint Colors

2. if you have wooden cabinets that have been painted or have outdated veneer finishes, and counter tops that are less than contemporary, then choose swivel bar stool styles that have wood veneer seats, or a finish that is similar to what you have. The newest retro designs offer some options to mix wood and chrome or buy unfinished wood stools that you can paint to match the theme.

Overall, try to blend textures, fabrics, metal, chrome and wood so that certain current elements in the kitchen don’t look out of place. Take advantage of the retro style that’s hot right now to mix and match the past with contemporary features like swivels and adjustable heights. Don’t try to turn your kitchen into a jazzy New York loft if what you have is a basement suite. Be realistic with what you hope to achieve by adding stools or an island cart.

PeteWhen To Choose Chrome Stools For Your Kitchen Bar