Where can i use Solar Lighting for?

When you are considering to install outdoor lighting you have several options to think about. Are you going to use string lights, lights with batteries or solar lights? This will most importantly depend on what type of lighting you are looking for and your budget. If you have a lower budget than solar lighting might be a bit too expensive. If you don’t have a budget than it would be great if you can combine string lights and solar lights.

Solar lighting bulbs are a great alternative to conventional string lights. Not only are they a good way to use environment friendly lighting, you will also notice it on your electric bill. Because they don’t use any electricity you will earn the initial costs back in no time. You can use them for almost everything but they are most used for garden lighting, patio and driveway lighting. Because the light they emit is not as bright as string lights, they are not that suitable for walkway lighting or the use of spotlights. There are also a few conditions that your area needs before you can use solar lights successfully.

The main disadvantages are that you need to live in an area where there is enough sunlight to power up the batteries. Another disadvantage is that you have to place the lights in to an area where there is enough sun. You can not place them in to the shadows because than the batteries are not able to power up.

That is why it is a good idea to combine the two and use the solar lights for aesthetics and string lights for practical use. If you don’t have the budget for solar powered driveway lights than you could also choose for string lights or lights on batteries. The advantage of battery lights is that you also don’t have the hassle of installing them but a big con is that you have to replace the batteries frequently.

PeteWhere can i use Solar Lighting for?