Which Tummy Tuck is Right for Me?

If you are considering tummy tuck surgery to remove some accumulated excess skin, you may be confused at the different options available.  While there may be three different tummy tuck surgeries, there is usually only one method that is best for your situation.  As a result, this article is going to discuss when each type of tummy tuck is recommendable for each situation.

The first procedure that we will discuss is the traditional tummy tuck.  This procedure, which is considered major invasive surgery, is usually focused on your entire abdominal area.  The surgeon will make an incision, pull the patient’s skin tight, and then cut off any excess skin.   Therefore, most of the patients who undergo this method will be women who had gone through a pregnancy and delivered a child.

The next tummy tuck procedure is the extended tummy tuck.  Just as it sounds, this procedure encompasses the elements of a traditional tummy tuck with an additional aspect.  This aspect is the fact that the cosmetic surgeon will not only work on the patient’s abdominal area, but will also remove the excess skin from the patient’s lower back as well.  The majority of people who undergo this form of surgery are people who have lost hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight.

The last surgery we will discuss is the mini tummy tuck.  This procedure focuses exclusively on the lower portion of the abdominal area.  Specifically, the surgeon will only operate on the area below the belly button.  Most people who have this surgery do so because they have some slight abdominal sagging due to aging.

As we have seen, there are three different forms of the tummy tuck procedure is use today.  Not only have we identified and discusses these three forms; we have also shown which ones may be best for your situation.

If you have any further questions about an average cost tummy tuck, we recommend you take some time to visit the New Jersey Tummy Tuck Guide.

PeteWhich Tummy Tuck is Right for Me?