Why Buy A Round Shag Rug?

If you are one of the people that would like to create a contemporary and modern look for your room, then you need to think about getting a round shag rug. These rugs are not like the ones from the early 70s, these are beautiful and intricately woven rugs that will add a dramatic statement to your room.

This type of rug will look great in a loft or in your loft or in your living room. With the deep and soft pile of the rug it will not only look good it will also feel good as well. There are many different colors to choose from. You can also find an incredible amount of designs as well. A really cool designed is the purple zebra area rug. This takes the zebra design and blends it with the purple, black and white colors. This will most certainly create that stunning look you are searching for.

This type of rug will accent your modern looking furniture. Using solid colors for your furniture and combining it with the zebra rug, will create a very modern look. Round shag rugs will also give your room some character and definition. They will look marvelous a part of your fireplace, and some people will even hang them on their walls.

You can take a look at many different styles of shag rugs at your local carpet store. There are also many Internet websites that feature shag rugs as well. The costs will depend on the type of materials that the rug was manufactured with. The 100% all shag rugs can cost more than $1000. If you are look looking for something less expensive, you may want to look at the polyester blend rugs. You can sometimes find these rugs that are priced under $300. You can browse the many different designs and pick one that will create the look that you want.

PeteWhy Buy A Round Shag Rug?