Why Choose Solar Walkway Lighting

We all want our home to look as nice as possible and while homeowners often install outdoor lighting for the beauty it adds to their landscape, the main function of any type of landscape or outdoor patio lighting is still to make the landscape safer at night. Paths and walkways are one area that can be particularly unsafe after dark, especially if uneven paving material is used. There is no easier way to remedy this situation than by installing solar walkway lighting.

Solar lights for paths and walks are economical, durable, good looking and easy to install additions to the landscape. All these factors combined make solar a great choice. Initial fixture costs of solar powered walkway lighting is in line with any other type of walkway lighting and is very reasonable. The bonus with solar is that there are no additional operating costs as they are powered by the sun.

You will find solar fixtures made of both various plastics and metals either of which will be able to withstand whatever mother nature sends its way. No matter what building style your home is or what style of lighting fixtures you prefer, you should be able to find many fixture designs in a complementary style.

To determine how many fixtures you need first measure your walkway. A good rule of thumb is 1 fixture for every 2 to 3 feet of walk for each side of the walk. Staggering your fixtures instead of having them be straight across from each other will give a more professional and pleasing look. As far as installation goes, since you won’t have wires to worry with all that is required is driving the stakes into the ground in the proper location. For ease of maintaining your lawn, you might want to place some type of edging material and mulch around the lights.

As you see, there are lots of great reasons for choosing solar walkway lighting.

PeteWhy Choose Solar Walkway Lighting