Why crunches will not give you six pack

Abs always look great with that bikini body you want to have for the summer. The most used abs workout for women are different types of crunches but it is only one of the exercises that should be included in your exercise routines. Only crunches will not give you the look you have always dreamed of.

The bicycle crunch is what you should be replacing your normal crutch with. The bicycle crunch targets your oblique muscles much better than normal crutches. This is what you would you are looking for: overall strength, looks, and tone. Bicycle crunches really make your standard crunch obsolete since the entire motion of a bicycle crunch is not much more than a normal crunch, but effectively does much more of your “good looking” abs area.

Exercise ball crunches are also much more effective than your normal crunch as it allows you to work at much better angles and hold these angles for longer periods of time. When holding, you are doing so much more than the entire motion of a typical crunch. Exercise ball crunches are easily done and are a lot more fun and enjoyable than the other styles of crunches, but they will still get the job done.

Before you become the crunching queen, make sure you work on keeping your boy fat level low. Most people believe that doing crunches right away will start making a great looking stomach, this is simply not true. You can actually increase your stomach size if you start building muscle without loosing the weight before crunches.

Treadmills are among the best ways to increase metabolism and help trim body fat. You will need to do this for any desired results. Of course a good diet is important as well, but it will not be impossible to get a good looking six pack, just put in the effort and you will get results!

PeteWhy crunches will not give you six pack