Why Do We Do That?

Why do we do that? If we are conscious of our health and trying to keep a normal blood sugar level, like we say we are we wouldn’t give in, but we feel hunger pangs and instead of eating something good for us we grab the candy that’s near at hand and snack on that. A short time later we are feeling hunger pangs and do it again. Our blood sugar rockets and then crashes and we reach for another piece of candy. It’s a hard habit to break and, at least for most people, hard conscious effort at not snacking on candy is very difficult.

Blood sugar in the bloodstream is regulated by a process of our brain sensing a rise in blood sugar from the food we’ve eaten being converted to glucose and then absorbed into the bloodstream. This sends a signal to our pancreas to secrete insulin to move the sugar from the bloodstream into the cells and tissues that need it for fuel. A large spike in blood sugar forces a large secretion of insulin and it does its job moving sugar until we are feeling hungry again because our blood sugar has fallen too low. Eat more candy and the cycle starts all over again.

Stopping the cycle and keeping a normal blood sugar level requires some planning and will power. Planning, because unless you actually purchase the better foods to eat they will never be available when you are hungry. Willpower, because now that you have purchased better foods you need to eat them instead of the low quality sugar-filled foods that you’ve been eating. Good intentions are wonderful , and can provide a foundation, but unless they are acted upon they are worthless. Stop planning on doing something and build on that foundation, turn those good intentions into good actions.

PeteWhy Do We Do That?