Why Hair Loss Remedies Don’t Work

If you are suffering hair loss from male pattern baldness, like 95% of men do, I am going to be honest with you and say the home remedy you are trying is probably not doing you any good at all. From what I have found, with extensive searching and trials, the majority of concoctions people waste their money on do absolutely no good when it comes to stopping the hair loss or re-growing it when gone.

The reason for this is quite simple. Almost all the home hair loss remedies I have investigated do nothing to treat the actual cause of hair loss in men. If you want to save your hair from falling out you must treat the actual problem and not just use some feel good method that might give you a nice, shiny bald spot but won’t start your hair follicles producing hair shaft material again.

As I said above, over 90% of men with hair loss have the problem because of a condition called male pattern baldness which has the medical term androgenic alopecia. The hair thinning and balding mechanism is really quite simple. Some men have a gene that has been passed down from either the mother’s or the father’s side of the family. This gene causes the production of an enzyme, 5alpha-reductase. This enzyme then transforms the male hormone testosterone to a metabolite called DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This DHT is the culprit. It bonds with receptors on the hair roots (hair follicles) and slowly shortens their growth cycle when the manufacturing of keratin, the hair shaft material, takes place.

If you are serious about stopping or slowing down the hair loss you absolutely must find a hair restoration remedy that will interrupt the cycle I outlined above. If you don’t, your hair will continue to fall out and they will be calling you chrome dome before you know it. Cleaning the scalp doesn’t help, taking extra vitamins doesn’t help, and rubbing exotic oils into the bald spot doesn’t help. You must break the DHT chain if you want to save your mane.

PeteWhy Hair Loss Remedies Don’t Work