Why Online Marketing And Earning Money Through Adsense Beats Offline Businesses Hands Down

I used to sell things in the real world.  Whole foods actually. On a market stall.  It was cold, it was wet, and you got abuse.  Then I learnt to sell online from Ebay to websites.  Lately I have moved to helping my fellows in their marketing endeavours by writing copy for them.  Though you might not realise it, writing to earn Adsense money is marketing other people, you just get paid via Google’s own system. Let me start by telling explaining why I love marketing online more than off line, and finish by showing why Adsense writing is the best of all.

1 You can make changes according to market forces

One of the problems that I faced early on in my career was being left with stock.  There are two peaks really for the marketer.  The first is before anyone else has the product.  That means that you can charge a premium for the goods.  The second place to make the money is as the product is fading because the wholesalers and other businesses are looking to clear their stock so will sell to you bulk at serious discounts, which you can then sell at a low price to the people who never would have bought in the first place.
The worst place to sell the product is when it is a) still at full price b) when everyone has it.  Because stock on shelves costs money.
If you sell online, then you can be aware where these peaks are simply by watching the google keyword tool and the forums and other resources that show you what people are searching for, what’s hot, what’s going out, what other people are already selling at a discount etc..  You can catch the wave on the way in, on the way out, and avoid the low production mid-wave by selling online.

2 You can do real research!

One of the weaknesses with offline marketing is the cost of research.  From asking people in the street, to seeing what the demographic is of people in an area to see if they will buy from you.  Take for example a juggling supplier, not much point in a seaside retirement place!  But how do you know that?  You have to pay for the research, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Online you can do your own research.  Your marketing is just about free.  You can create auto-responders.  Do keyword research to get your product found.  Use Google analytics to find out as close as possible who is finding your site.

3 Get creative

You won’t find people using video, interactive flash, lots of imagery, customer views and feedback, blogging etc to sell things on the high street. But on the web everyone becomes a potential marketer for your company.  Give away affiliate payments and you can make even more as people want to promote you.
Even the problem of having no interaction with the vendor has all but disappeared with the ‘liv help’ feature these days.

4 I have already mentioned it, but will again.  Lower overheads.

I have some friends who work in a book publishing company, and every now and again they have to actually take the stock that is stored at a particular depot and either pulp it or give it away.  That is cheaper than storing stock that won’t shift!  Having a high street shop costs money even when you aren’t open.  Even when you haven’t got any staff other than yourself.  And other than online, where can you actually start a business and have the safety of keeping your day job until it takes off?

5 In the real world you have up sells, you do online too.

But this is the kicker…
If no one buys from you, you could still make some money!
This is where the balance of online really comes into play.  You can earn money from adsense even if people don’t want to buy from you personally.  Now obviously you would rather people bought from you, but if the people were going to bounce out from your website, you might as well get money for it.  If your deal is good enough they will soon be back anyway, so no worries.  By using adsense to increase your earnings what is happening is that you are providing your customer with viable alternatives.  Chances are that they are still in the research stage when they come to your store, and in which case you want to be the helpful shop keeper!
And by using adsense, as they leave your shop, the shop down the road gives you a little extra money.  How cool is that?  To get the best from adsense though you need to use some strategy to get the top paying keywords to display, but it’s not that hard.  After that, you just need to apply a simple 4 step formula to boost the adsense earnings.
Here’s another little adsense bonus.  If you are marketing, for many products on the sales curve you have to keep coming up with new products.  Adsense is a little bit different.  Once you get yourself to the top of page one in Google for a particular page, you can move on somewhere else and for a significant length of time your page will continue earn you money.  It’s called residual income, where you don’t have to continue your effort to increase your earnings.  But that is for another post.
So, my top reasons why online marketing and earning money through adsense is better than offline:
  • Flexibility according to market forces
  • Research is cheap if not absolutely free
  • You have more creative opportunities and make use of your customers as free marketing
  • Lower, much lower, overheads
  • You can make money, even when you don’t make a sale, from adsense.
Never will I be cold on a market stall again!
PeteWhy Online Marketing And Earning Money Through Adsense Beats Offline Businesses Hands Down