Why Rubber is the Best Commercial Flooring Option

The days of cold hard vinyl tiles in office building are on their way out, and many companies are choosing to use inexpensive, environmentally smart commercial rubber flooring instead.

Not just for commercial health clubs or community center gyms, the sound absorbing qualities of rubber are suitable for many areas.  Weight rooms utilize this material to keep equipment and sub floors from being damaged by dropped weights or the movement of machines, as well as to dampen the sound of people working out.  A rubber floor is just as effective in a large auditorium though, and is easy for a clean up crew to maintain after a large event.

Floors from recycled and manufactured rubber are easy on the body, and its anti-fatiguing effect on people makes it ideal for trade shows and office floors alike.  For these larger areas, various sizes of rubber bolts can be rolled out and cut to the dimensions of the room.  This provides a less expensive option than rubber floor tiles, and presents a seamless appearance.  With no visible seams, there is less likelihood of the material coming up or being vandalized.

This option is practical for businesses changing out their flooring material, not just because it is affordable, but also for the speed of installation.  Unlike tile or wood, commercial rubber flooring can be laid out in a day in most cases, and uses only an adhesive to make it stay.

The quality of the product chosen is important to a finished professional look.  Clean crumb rubber produced without strong off-gassing odors from the binding agents is a good place to start.  The finished product should appear tight and seamless, and wear well for years.

Proper installation is essential also, and choosing a company associated with highly recommended installers will ensure the work gets done properly.  This does not mean the process requires additional expense, however.  Installing rubber is a straightforward process, and a good crew will do it right at an affordable price.

PeteWhy Rubber is the Best Commercial Flooring Option