Why Some People Hide Behind Online Video Game Avatars

Don’t you ever wonder why some people sit and play online video games for hours on end, interacting with other players online with ease and yet when you get them to face people in real life, they clam up or shy away from such real life interactions? There are a number of people who are really shy in real life or are rather insecure about themselves that they tend to hide behind the avatars that they have in online games. These avatars act confident and interact real well with others in the game, which is sometimes the exact opposite of how their owners are in real life.

Why does this phenomenon happen and why are a lot of gamers different in person from who they are in game? A lot of video game avatars are actually alter-egos of these players and some of them epitomize the kind of person that the player wants to be in real life but is finding hard to do so. For example, a rather skinny and shy person can create a macho and strong avatar in an online game and this avatar epitomizes the kind of person that he wants to be in real life but is finding hard to make happen.

People sometimes hide behind these online video game avatars simply because they feel that they cannot meet the expectations of the people they interact with in real life but still want to interact with others despite this insecurity. Creating these imaginary beings that are stronger, faster and braver than they can ever be in reality gives them the kind of escape they need from the harshness of real life and of what they can really achieve. Some people also hide behind these video game avatars to play out certain frustrations that they have like being able to shoot guns or to fly or to make numerous friends, which they cannot achieve otherwise in real life. In essence, these video game avatars become an alternate persona and a refuge for people who find it difficult to adjust to the harshness of real life.

PeteWhy Some People Hide Behind Online Video Game Avatars