Why You Should Buy A Black Jewelry Armoire

There are three reasons you should considering buying a classic black jewelry armoire. They are a beautifully crafted piece of furniture, they protect your jewelry, and your jewelry magically expands to fill the whole armoire.

These are built with great care and attention to detail. They have shallow felt lined drawers, ring holders and necklace hooks in well-designed compartments. The armoire protects jewelry by storing it on acid-free material and giving each piece of jewelry it’s own space. The real amazing thing is how new pieces of jewelry just seems to magically appear to fill any empty space.

What you should buy depends on your style and where you want to keep this. They make delightful units that are small to set on a table or a dresser, with a generous amount of storage. The wall mounted units can be early American or ornate Queen Anne and come in many sizes and shapes. A floor model can resemble a nightstand or a stately work of art.

The black jewelry armoire makes a bold statement no matter what style is chosen. A white jewelry armoire appears more sophisticated, smaller and lighter even though it is the same size. Both of these come in many designs, they can be wall mounted or freestanding on the floor or on a higher surface. They can have hidden panels, a mirrored front, a lock (for the ever popular locking jewelry armoire model), removable jewelry box, an extra shelf, or be disguised as another piece of furniture.

The black Java wood model with a stepped design and traditional styling is striking and eye catching. This comes with two doors with five necklace and bracelet hooks each and five shallow drawers luxuriously lined in felt.

You should buy the jewelry armoire that makes you feel great. There is one just right for you and the space you have created for it.

PeteWhy You Should Buy A Black Jewelry Armoire