Why You Should Have A Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a kind of chair that is usually used for relaxation. A mother may sit down in the rocking chair and calm her baby to sleep; a grandparent may rock back and forth in his rocking chair that is placed on the porch, while waiting for his/ her children to visit or while waiting for the sun to set in his life’s twilight.

A rocking chair is somewhat soothing too for people since the gentle motion it creates does not require much force from the person sitting since it automatically rocks backward when the person sits on the rocking chair. It just requires a little shift of weight or a little push on the floor by the feet so that the rocking goes on. One may also fall asleep while rocking since the rocking experience makes one feel that he is being cuddled and sung to with a silent lullaby.

Rocking chairs are usually made of wood, with two rockers attached to the bottom of the right and left legs of the chair. These rockers are made especially for the safe usage of the chair in a way that the rockers are curved without any lump or blunt edges so that rocking will be smooth; and with specific angles so that there will be no danger of tipping over. A common rocking chair also has arms so that a sitter will have more relaxation, placing his arms on the chair’s arms so that the user will be able to comfortably rock back and forth.

A common feature also of a rocking chair is a backrest so that the sitter will be able to lie down comfortably while rocking. These are designed with a slight angle so that the sitter will feel more comfortable, but not angled too much to prevent any fear of being tipped over while the rocking chair is used. Of course, a rocking chair is still a chair, so it still has four legs, although shorter than other chairs. These are made shorter since these will still be mounted on rockers that may add height of about two to three inches.

As comfortable as it is, one must still be cautious in using a rocking chair, since one may have his fingers or feet crushed underneath the rockers. Yet, there are now available types that use springs to prevent these kinds of accidents. Nevertheless, having a rocking chair is one of the wisest things that you can do.

PeteWhy You Should Have A Rocking Chair