Your Ovulation Calendar And Caffeine

When my husband and I began trying to conceive our first child, I was convinced that we should use my online ovulation calendar to do it. So I took some time one morning and went online to some of the popular pregnancy websites to generate my personal fertile window using a fertility calculator. I was impressed by how easy it was to use, and was happy to see that my days of highest fertility were right around the corner. But then I started to worry a bit because I read an article that a woman posted about how caffeine can affect your monthly cycle. I wondered what kind of authority she was on the subject and came to find out that she was just an ordinary housewife who felt as though women who were trying to have a baby should give up all caffeine in order to protect the unborn baby. I knew I had to look further to find out if caffeine did in fact affect a woman’s cycle because I regularly drank two cups a day, sometimes even three or four. Plus, I would always have a diet soda at lunchtime.

From the information I found online, it did not appear that caffeine played any part in altering a woman’s monthly ovulatory function. However, I found numerous articles that stated that caffeine could possibly cause miscarriage and that was even scarier to me than simply affecting my monthly cycle. I vowed to give up caffeine all together during the quest to conceive our baby and for the duration of the pregnancy once we did find out we were expecting. At first I had headaches, but after a few weeks they went away. I was so glad that I was able to do it because two months later I started feeling the early signs of pregnancy and I would now be able to have a healthy caffeine-free pregnancy.

PeteYour Ovulation Calendar And Caffeine